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Ford IDS/VCM help please?


Any update to your issue?. Did you contact your seller? Is it fixed.
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you can read this china ford vcm, you can choose top quality ford vcm from ADKTECH
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As in Ford service book these are the steps:

1-Turn the ignition switch from OFF to RUN.
2-Using the diagnostic tool, follow the SECURITY ACCESS to obtain security access. For additional information, refer to Anti-Theft Security Access in this section. (read last paragraph start with 3 stars***)

3-From the diagnostic tool menu, select IGNITION KEY CODE ERASE.
NOTE: Do NOT select any additional commands from this menu.

4-Turn the ignition switch to OFF and disconnect the diagnostic tool.
5-Insert the first encoded key into the ignition lock cylinder and turn the ignition switch to RUN for 3 seconds.
6-Insert the second encoded key into the ignition lock cylinder and turn the switch to the RUN position for 3 seconds.
7-Remove the second encoded key from the ignition lock cylinder.
8-The vehicle should now start with both ignition keys.


***Anti-Theft Security Access (it should be done in the 2nd steps)

NOTE: The security access procedure is utilized to obtain passive anti-theft system (PATS) security access. PATS security access must be granted to erase ignition keys, enable/disable unlimited key mode, and enable/disable the spare key programming switch (PID SPARE_KEY). The security access procedure invokes an inherent 10 minute time delay prior to granting security access during which the diagnostic tool must remain connected to the vehicle. Once security access has been granted, a security access command menu is displayed which offers various command options. (For additional information, refer to Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Configuration Command Index).

NOTE: Once security access has been granted, multiple security access commands should be executed (if necessary) prior to exiting the command menu. This avoids the carrying out of an additional security access procedure and the associated 10 minute time delay.

From the diagnostic tool, select PCM, or follow the WDS menu. Select SECURITY ACCESS. This procedure will take 10 minutes to carry out, during which the ignition switch must be in RUN and the diagnostic tool must be connected to the vehicle.
After the 10 minute security access procedure has been completed, a new menu is displayed with command options. Select only those functions necessary before exiting out of this menu. Once exited out of this menu, the security access procedure must be repeated again to carry out additional commands.

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you should read this post: China VCM's guide

Top Quality Ford IDS or Super Ford VCM (dual PCB)

This kinds Ford VCM has the same PCB Design with the original,but has Tin/Lead plated printed circuit board and different components(capacitors, some chips).Comes with metal casing with production date stickers.
It is the Top quality clone Ford VCM from
can be used on the original software of Ford VCM Ford IDS (need crack), comes with IDS V75, Jaguar & Land Rover: V128
Suitable for programming on all makes,DPF regeneration/replacement, key coding and relatively safe.Should be no problem with firmware update.
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