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Ford IDS calibration file problem

Ive been using the VMware ids for months now and out of no where just last week when i tried to program a module(ANY module via either as built in or new module programming) the ids software states that the xml file could not be found. I tried this on two different vehicles (2011 f150 and 2014 f150) the 2014 i just programmed a month ago with the SAME ids without a problem.

I have a newer version 108.1 and the older 101. both giving me the same error with both vehicles.
I even installed the V81 calibration files and copied them over, still the problem persists.
I downloaded, extracted and opened a new copy of the 108.1 and but it still gives me the same issue.

Any ideas would be helpful.
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i am having the same problem only with a 05 f150..trying to configure cluster same xml file missing...looking for answer...mabye ford is getting hip to the fix
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File has been updated and old version has been removed from the server.

There's a russian FTP site I found that has pretty much every Ford cal ever made on it, that I use in situations like this. Just smash the correct file in the calibration files folder and attempt to program the module again.

For example. IDS version 100 has calibration 8C3A-14C204-JC / KRU2 as the latest calibration. Version 101 has 8C3A-14C204-JD / KRU3 as the latest calibration, and the earlier one is removed from the server since the update has corrections for issues found in the older file. (Note: these are just examples, I just used the values I did for simplicity.)

The IDS will always automatically update the module to the latest available calibration. If your database is older and that calibration doesn't exist anymore, most of the time you're shit out of luck.
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If you know the name of the latest calibration file you need you can download it from HERE.
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