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GM Diagnostic Interface

Please tell if Tech2 and MDI China clone work well ?? and who better to buy the most I need for Opel vehicles, please tell me and from which store?
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colleagues please, no one is using these two Tech 2 and MDI Chinese clones ?? no one will share his experience ... please
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Hi I think I answared to this questions in other thread but here it is again:
Tech2 hand held is working good. I have one. I don't recomand it for programming.
Non of the Tech2 hand held has a good voltage regulator. First one is "broken" after 5 times using it. I replaced it with a one made by myself.
All depends by quality.
GM MDI clone I don't have it. I have a genuine one but I used a clone one from a friend doing some test for him. He has a HQ clone which is working as my genuine one.
I am telling you that all depends by quality and to buy a clone its a lottery.
I cannot advise you where to buy one because one day you can buy a HQ clone and the next one you wanna buy from same place could be a sh..t
This is the Chinese market. So in this case you are alone.
Good luck
is better buy from local seller,even if it is a bit more expensive
Kess v2/ktag/galletto/carprog/delphi repair and rework
Please use THANKS and REPUTATION if my post is helpful...
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buy a mongoose Interface for GM and try to make some Money after buy original MDI II one

best regards
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I have a HQ GM MDI and I use it for Tech 2 Win and GDS2 and I have not had any issues at all. Here is a list of the other scan tool that I have used and it also worked great.

Honda Diagnostic System



Toyota Techstream
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I have GM-MDI China
Working super
Inpa 5.04
Honda 2017
Toyota 2018
Merc-Xentry DAS 09.2018
Odis 2018
Nisan Consult 65
Gm -Group
Diag Box  (Citroen Peugeot)-V 8.xx
Jaguar-Landrover 2015
Ford Mazda
Volvo-Vida 2014-D

Note -to give you worked MDI with the above softwares you need to put in MDI battery, and a fashion special for Jaguar Landrover, -Nisan Consult
regards IBI
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I heard bad story about clone mdi before, especially programming. Basically screwed up programming and costs a lot to replace ecu.
Why don't you buy genuine MDI? I am seeing genuine MDI at ebay for $375 now.
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