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Goodbye diesel engines?

not possible
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No way it will happen soon. Passenger cars will probably be hybrid N/A petrol/electric with cvt gearbox and heavy duty vehicles will work on diesel. I see future like that
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And electricity comes from nothing.
Power station runs on just a good will. Without pollution, nuc waste etc.
Wind push power directly into a wire.

In London stupidity with Ultra Low Emission zone. By them worn out Corsa 1.2 petrol 2002 is more eco friendly than well maintained Merc E350d from 2013. Bollocks
DPF? take pollution from dirty cites to clean countryside ? Bollocks

Future: More power cuts, Hours waiting for a free charging station and hours to charge.
Electric vehicles maybe a future, but it should be freedom of choice, not to force people to upgrade. Many people in London in 2008-2012 been buying a diesel by a gov advice. Now - go and f yourself. £12.50 fee to get in (per calendar day, so if you get there 23:55, and leave city at 0:05, you will be £25 short)
I don't have a clue, but I will comment you.
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How about flow batteries which could theoretically be refueled. The only truck that I could see totally revolutionizing the entire industry is a turbine electric battery combination.
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The tech is sound, and coming a long way.  Good news is it's still going to need mechanics.  I think you'll see a mix with electric making up a lot of the short haul runs.   One thing is for sure, there is going to be some good money in those who can repair those electric fuckers, especially when they go driverless and the only one capable of getting them moving again is the mechanic willing to rush there.   Without someone sitting in the truck I'd wager they're gonna pay what ever they need to to get someone on site as fast as possible.

(11-07-2019, 09:40 AM)megastang Wrote: How about flow batteries which could theoretically be refueled. The only truck that I could see totally revolutionizing the entire industry is a turbine electric battery combination.

Back in the 70's I think it was.... they had a turbine engine in a car that'd run forever on low fuel, rarely needed fixing, and was just in general awesome. The only issue is it really wouldn't go over sixty comfortably, and it was a bit noisy. The car sold so poorly they actually scrapped the rest and now there's like four in existence. If I can remember the name I'll post it, but legit the turbine engine in automobiles is one of those great concepts that the public failed to purchase. It's a shame too, because the ones that still exist, all four of them, have never needed more than minor repairs and they still drive them to shows and whatnot.

Here's a video of the car in fact:

It ran on anything combustible. You'd think "Well if it ran on tequila that'd fuck up the engine right?" Not at all.... damn thing ran just fine. Smelled like tequila, but that's up to you if that's a pro or con. Imagine if they adapted this tech today.
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If we switch electricity production to nuclear and sun/wind/water then we can talk about electrical cars in terms of zero emission. Majority of electrical energy is still produced from fossil fuel, so zero emission is full of XXXX.

This new wave in auto industry is stupid.
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Well, legit China is doing just that, and so is Texas. We got windmill farms everywhere. The energy industry is largely shifting to wind/nuclear/solar. It's all happening at once. The breakthrough came, for solar, not in the solar tech, but the batteries tesla developed. Previously energy storage was the huge problem to crack, but they're cracking it. Same with wind. These batteries have changed the game. It's going to be awesome to because that means some good jobs.
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