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HELP: Is my ISTA-D setup missing something?

Hi all,

I installed ISTA-D about 2 years ago hoping it would replace all my other diag software but it's just not there yet. Specifically I would like to replace DIS/GT1 with it, but I've never been able to do the VANOS test. Yesterday I got pretty close, but it seem to have ended short of a few more clicks. Take a look:

I get into dms and this is all I get. I'm supposed to have a few options including expert menu/mode where the VANOS test lives. But nothing, just up and down, nothing more.
[Image: 7Mrvkzuh.png]
[Image: MESt8sfh.png]
[Image: rtP1uDwh.png]

A few people told me it's in service functions; nothing here.
[Image: QB0M7nzh.png]

So does anyone know what's going on? Also, why do some setups have an "Activities" tab and others, like mine, have "Vehicle Management"? Is this a software thing or am I missing something..? I am currently running 4.01.21 as of yesterday.

Thanks in advance!
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