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HHT in WINDOWS 64bit

1. i create windows xp virtual pc (vhd), called windows xp mode (you can try making win 7 32bit vhd etc etc). then i copy HHT program (or install) in its C drive, make hhtpkw shortcut to its desktop.

i am sure this is the way MB Engineers did and hide it from public.
When configured correctly, with fast computer, the end-user will never know that they are running the application in an virtual environment.

2. i use windows 7 64bit as a host. you can google, how to set windows xp mode in windows 8 64bit or windows 10 64bit as host.


How to Enable XP Mode in Windows 7.pdf

503.11 KB


How to Run HHT in Windows 7 Using XP Mode.pdf

480.97 KB

C. Necessary files:
- Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode Program

Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode.txt

70 bytes

- 64Bit Betriebssystem: HHTWIN Aufruf über virtuelle Maschine
copy this file to:
C:\Program files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\DAS\bin


5.34 KB

- HHT call
copy this file to:
C:\Program files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\DAS\trees\pkw\programm\hht_link


2.95 KB

- HHT Standalone
i include in it: hhtpkw.ico, hhtpkw and hhtnfz shortcut to desktop example.
in hhtpkw shortcut properties, i added -l02 (english language)
in hhtnfz shortcut properties, i added parameters -n to make it work in nfz

HHT Standalone.txt

70 bytes

- HHT Language Setting


616 bytes

- HHT x32 and x64 parameters

hht x32 and x64 parameters by pesona.pdf

58.34 KB

- SDConnect Toolkit
if you don't install sdnc toolkit in the xp mode vm, add slave=partt2 in hhtwin.ini, hht will freeze quite a long time before it is run.
if you install sdnc toolkit, hht is run almost instantly.
for slave=partd2, without sdnc toolkit, hht is run well.


70 bytes

D. Some virtual pc setting. Please add if you think it should be set.
- Setting com port for partD (C3)
- Setting LAN for SDConnect

several winxp vhd setting 1.pdf

491.62 KB

- Setting allocated memory
- Setting X Close

several winxp vhd setting 2.pdf

754.39 KB

E. Files and folder taken from Xentry Kit 3 WIN10 x64
(thanks @Rocinante)

1. HHT files from das bin

HHT files from das bin XKIT 3 WIN10.txt

70 bytes

2. HHT folder

HHTwin x64 from xentry kit 3.txt

70 bytes

3. Successful VM setting from XKit 3 WIN 10 x64. (not get the info yet)

- 64bit xdos is the recommended version because of new MB VCI.
- if you have something usefull to add, don't hesitate to add it.

i hope you all will be entertained and get the ideas of running hht in 64bit system.
Testing is in progress.. my goal to share is to show HHT can be called from XDOS (or as HHT standalone) and run in windows 64bit smoothly
i made it as transparent as possible for educational purposes only.

Good job! I suspected it might run like that since I've gotten it to run standalone on an x86 computer with no DAS/Xentry installed. It doesn't seem to need registry entries, or maybe it installs them on first run. I did this with a C3 with a serial port, but I don't know if it can be interfaced with a C4 and up. Probably can be, but I don't know about how the virtual pc would talk to the connect software for wireless or wired interfaces. Thinking about that probably won't help your hangover!
Thanks given by: pesona
(05-21-2018, 08:53 PM)pesona Wrote: i hope you all will be entertained and get the ideas. i have not tested it in depth yet.

Looking forward for your solution hoping that sharks will not bite your thread soon Smile)
Cheers buddySmile
Thanks given by: gabi2013 , pesona , daxxer , sweetsam
I wish you a speedy recovery.
Try this next time 1087
Thanks given by: Pluto , pesona , daxxer
@jonlowe, @i860
thanks guys for the analysis and supports. it is what friends are for. Beer
i'll update it asap and i hope it will be the beginning of hht in 64bit happening.
bud, yes. Big Grin but i do hope the help of others that surely have more experiences in virtual technology. cheers..
Thanks given by: i860 , laco210 , Marcos , jeermy , mercomoh , gcastroit114 , apple
i update my first post.
Can you please put the HHT, I tried to find a copy but no luck.
Thanks given by:
(05-21-2018, 08:53 PM)pesona Wrote: Basically:

i am sure this is the way MB Engineers did and hide it from public.
When configured correctly,

Yes you are right , i found this way Installed by the authorized agent

really pesona you make very great job
Thanks given by: pesona , Rocinante
i have upload HHT standalone. i hope, you can try it in real diagnose and make it succeed, and come back to share if something is needed to be fix. Big Grin
Someday the vhd will be share after being tested work in real diagnose.

@Egyman thanks mate for the information. i never saw someone did it and this is only intellectual guess.
Thanks given by: i860 , Rocinante , Marcos , mercomoh , daxxer , apple , e500

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