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Hantek Automotive Oscilloscope Experience?

Hi guys, Willing to learn and use automotive oscilloscope I have started looking around to buy one, I have seen alot of youtube reviews and picoscope is the best but for a learner it is very expensive. So regarding the price and functions hantek is my only solution for now.
I would like to hear (read Smile) your opinion, how accurate and correct is hantek when is used in cars?

Every input will be so helpful and hope this thread serves other guys too.

Thank You and good luck in fault hunting Smile
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I'm also looking to buy one and to hear from someone firsthand experiences. There's a short youtube video showing the tool in action:
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In short hardware ok software sux, dont buy 1008c its weak
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I bought a 1008 as it was very cheap for an 8ch scope. However I did some quick experiments, and it seems if you use multiple channels at higher frequencies either the hardware or software can't keep up.

I then got an IDS1070A as I thought it would be great to use wirelessly with same Android tablet I use for Launch. Problem is the Android software is useless - no options to change voltage/div or timebase.
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I bought the Hantek 1008C several years ago. At first I did some tests and then it worked properly. Not used a long time ago because no need is gone. It takes a long time to work, than diagnostic devices can get much faster. Picoscope i have used advanced courses and it is the best but more expensive.
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There is picoscope available for less than 100eur.. of course, its a 10mHz 2 channel, but for automotive is more than enough. I bought hantek 250mHz, 4 chanel bla bla. Paid 280$ but software is crap.
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Thank you all for the inputs guys.
I have seen that there are some other apps online that can work with hantek oscilloscopes, one of them is Hscope for android. Maybe this can help you whom already have it.
Some users from hantek forum claims that when doing secondary ignition test with 1008c the test leads can shock you if you touch it....

I think there must be a dedicated thread for oscilloscopes, where people can exchange information and discuss about.

Thanks again
If You got the solution please report back and let others know, this is how forum works.
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I think you should buy a picoscope if you want to save money by buying a cheap one you will buy twice later ... so in my opinion you should buy a normal picoscope instead of automotive scopes...
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i have 3064, soft can be a better, but it fast 4 ch scope. for car diagnostics its ok.
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