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Haynes pro 2017 installation problem

I'm trying to install Haynes pro 2017 disk 1 and I'm getting a unrar message with date/time and then errorcode 01 message. It will continue but then it gives another error later on and it won't install. Anyone got any ideas what's causing it. I'm trying to. Install on Windows 7. I've tried another laptop with the same issue.
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I thought it had gone online only.

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I've not got a clue. I got the same error when trying to install 2016 version. I cleaned the registry between each install.
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Pretty sure 2015 is last good cracked version. Looks like someone is cooking again. Big Grin
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I thought 2016.1 was last release (which has been cooked), then online only after?
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My thoughts exactly.
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From 2017 Heynes Pro is only online, there is no Off Line Version.

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Cheers guys
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(06-11-2018, 05:51 AM)karl mcghee Wrote: Cheers guys

Anyway, because nobody understand what version you use.
The latest version you need first run the registry patch after on the installation u choose dvd 1 and 5 enter the code 900258 and after installation copy paste the language patch and create shortcut on the desktop using the RUN AS DATE software with date 1.1.2016.


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