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Help using JLR SDD V131

Symptom driven diagnostics. Is that what it means 39. Can you only read fault codes or interrogate modules by choosing a symptom in the session? The format seems very different to v128??? Is there a help guide anywhere or dose anyone have any helpful tips. It would be nice to have an overview of all modules with a DTC count!
Thanks guys
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I found this in V125 for a friend,

ICONS are in C:\Program Files\JLR\IDS\Icons you can right click on all of those and choose send to desktop if you like...

A brief guide to the new diagnostic standards
C:\Program Files\JLR\IDS\Informat\FAQ_16541_ENG.pdf
DTC Sort Help File

C:\Program Files\JLR\IDS\Informat\FAQ_DTC_SORT_ENG.pdf

Car Configuration File Management
C:\Program Files\JLR\IDS\Informat\JLR CCF Management Help Document.pdf
Operation Of Throttle

While In Closed Position

C:\Program Files\JLR\IDS\Informat\S514ukV4.pdf

They are going to be different, of course but, C:\Program Files\JLR\IDS\Informat is close to where you might find some information.
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