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How About A Marine Engine Section?

good idea friend
Thanks given by: diagnostix
(09-16-2018, 10:15 PM)Bodo.1979 Wrote:
(04-30-2018, 08:52 AM)diagnostix Wrote: There must be many members here who own or work on boats, especially in USA and Canada.

How about a marine section in this forum so that they can share service manuals and diagnostic software for marine engines.

I know that this is primarily an Automotive Forum, but we have forklifts and site machines covered here, so why not boat engines?

Include all industrial engines in it

im sorry but i would disagree with that.  i would think a marine section should be just marine, not industrial.  you could confuse the heck out of someone confusing counter-rotating marine engines with industrial engines  Wink
Thanks given by: diagnostix , johnb
yes good idea.

i have various manual epc and instructions for marine engine.

go mhh auto. the best forum
Thanks given by: diagnostix
good idea
If I have helped you please do not forget Thanks + Reputation Give5
Thanks given by: diagnostix
Good ideia mate
Thanks given by: diagnostix
You have my vote Wink
Thanks given by:
yes come on do it
Thanks given by:
I have a bit knowledge about Marine engine. CAT + Cummins + Volvo
Technical support Cummins - Cat - Volvo Penta - Volvo Truck - FPT - Detroil - Mitsubishi - MTU - Perkins - Yanmar and Kubota.

Please kindly don't send PM to me if you have Rep < 50. Thank you so much.
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