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How to Downgrade Ford VCM II IDS For Mazda V94

Ford VCM II VCM 2 IDS is a hot diagnostic tool For Ford V101.03 For Mazda V94 ,but maybe as you know, the VCM2 chip board is for IDS software V101, if you want to work with for mazda v94, need downgrade the firmware first.
And following is a step by steps downgrade guide

1.After opening the software,insert the device’s USB interface.
2.After waitting for the program to connect to the VCM2 device,the eject is shown in figure,select X.
[Image: Ford-VCM2-300x122.jpg]
3.In the second pop-up dialog box,select the hook number.
4.Disconnect all the connecting device, unplug the black glue sleeve from the USB port,and then select the hook number.
[Image: Ford-VCM-II_03-265x300.png]
5.To find the small buttons next to the SD card slot,press the button,and then insert the USB, waitting for the device buzzer sound,release the press button,select hook number.
[Image: Ford-VCM-II_04-288x300.png]
6.Pop up as shown in the dialog box,waitting for the progress bar read finished
7.As shown in figure,select the hook number,the device has been successful brush machine to V94
If I help add a reputation and thanks !
Thanks given by: californieca

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