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How to fit W221 Can Filter for Mileage


Hopefully someone can help me, im looking at buying a can filter for correcting mileage on a 2007 S320 W221. I see there are 2 options one which needs cutting wires and soldering and the other which seems to just connect between 2 connectors.

Im interested in the plug in solution but cant seem to find any instructions, does it just plug into the back of the speedo and then thats it? Can mileage be changed just once with this?

Thanks in advance
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Can anyone help me with this?
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The CANfilter i a sort of gatekeeper after you performed odo-correction on your dash.
The odo of the car is stored in multiple ECU's, not just the dash.
The CANfilter let's all CANbus messages pass in both directions, accept for "odo messages".
The (original) odo messages coming from several other ECU's in your car are filtered by the CANfilter.
So mount a CANfilter and perform odo-correction on your dash.
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Thanks for the info but what I need to know is how is it installed, i.e do i just pull dash out and plug it in?
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yes, plug in.
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(05-18-2015, 08:55 PM)R. Esmovak Wrote: yes, plug in.

Can the mileage be changed multiple times using the same filter or can it only be used once?
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hi please correct me if i`m wrong. filters that are fitted on dash need wires to be soldered on, in place of a component that is removed, not just plug in. it only blocks messages from other ecu to dash, so mileage can still be changed more than once
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(05-22-2015, 04:33 PM)FRAZ Wrote:
(05-18-2015, 08:55 PM)R. Esmovak Wrote: yes, plug in.

Can the mileage be changed multiple times using the same filter or can it only be used once?

The filter is just a filter, it doesn't change your odo.
Change the odo is step 2 for you, do it inside instrument cluster.
It seems the original Abrites Commander can correct all the odo's(without filter).
The odo changing in just instrument cluster can be done with Digiprog3 via OBD(you need filter).
The odo is stored in the following ECU's;
−Instrument Cluster
−Assyst Plus
-ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
−Electrical Seat Adjustment Driver
−Electrical Seat Adjustment Passenger
−Signal Acquisition Module
−CDI (Common Rail Diesel Injection)
−Tire Pressure Monitor
−Airbag – only stores motohours
It's a lot of work to change all of them, better use CAN filter, so you only correct odo in instrument cluster.
I've not yet changed odo multiple times, just once per cluster...
I think you can change odo in instrument cluster as often as you want.
Thanks given by: FRAZ

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