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How to recognise a ME2.8 and a 2.0
Hi to all,

I'd like to know if anyone know to recognise a Me2.8 and a Me2.0

Thanks !
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They are too different me2.0 and me2.1 are old thick and me2.7 and 2.8 thin
You can find in the Google
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1. Cars before 2000y - ME2.0, after 2000y - ME2.8
2. Different cases - ME2.0 has die-cast aluminum housing with thickness near 40mm, ME2.8 has metal stamping housing with thickness near 30mm.
3. Different PCB - see images.
4. Different EEPROMS - ME2.0 - motorola 4E28 ME2.8 - 95p08.
5. Different headers in diagnose - see pic.

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me2.8 PCB1.jpg
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ME2.0 PCB.jpg
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Thanks given by: efka , sergio49176 , libyana134

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