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How to use Autocom old VCI with Delphi 2013.2 SW?

Hi Guys,

I recently moved to the UK, and I brought over the old Autocom VCI my father used in our garage. This type:

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT2J0TOigNT0Ib43yaQ_A9...1vDVCwE0mB]

He now uses a Delphi DS150 new VCI, and I have a copy of it's SW (2013.2) on my hard drive.

How can I use the old VCI with this new SW? As far as I am aware the olde one has a 5 digit serial, whereas the new one has a 6 digit one!?

Many thanks,

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Yes, you in right. This CDP PRO (Gold) have serial 5 digit numbers ,and Delphi New VCI have 6 digit numbers, then you can not use both devices on same software, but solution exis:
Install two softwares on same PC:
1) for Autocom CDP PRO device with ID for PC: a-710-479 (cars) and a-710-254 (trucks)
2) for Delphi new VCI device with ID for PC: a-710-142 (cars) and a-710-210 (trucks)
..or combination Autocom+Delphi software...

Then use both devices with different softwares on same PC.

View the picture as it looks Wink

All works perfect... Cool

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Ahh I see now. Thanks. Now I am not soo fussed to use the Delphi SW.

What is the last SW which can be used with the old VCI?
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you can use cdp pro vci on all software versions 2011-2013.3
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So basically if I have an Autocom 2013.3 SW it will work without a single problem?
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(01-11-2014, 07:53 PM)VTS_Tibi Wrote: So basically if I have an Autocom 2013.3 SW it will work without a single problem?

yes if you have a good vci Smile
Thanks given by: vincano , fishingman , 153771739
i have a old cdp 2010 ,can I to upgrade to 2014.2 ?
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I used 2014 and 2015 versions, but I have read it version 2013 are more stable and best version.
on forum there are too many 2013 versions, can some one give me an link for 2013 version whichone is good and stable please?
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