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ISTA/P F series CASTOR error


I have troubles with connecting with F series with ISTA/P via ICOM. ISTA+, ISTA D, NCS expert, Winkfp works without problems. After retrieving VIN and model designation, ISTA P throws CASTOR error 63014. I updated ICOM with new firmware, checked all settings but cannot get connection. I also tried with another computer with older ISTA P version but same problem. Here I post my setup, if anyone has a clue what might be wrong.. I can flash E series without problems with mine ICOM, flashed a lot of cars in past. I think there must be some problem with connecting to car "Ethernet" port. I also turned off firewall on PC, removed car battery, done Flex ray initialization with ISTA+, so I am out of ideas. I want to program this car to code used EPS module.

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Winkfp not work for F-serie.

Your problem is that your car have no ethernet connection with icom, maby ZGW is in transport mode.
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I know Winkfp is for E series and E-sys for F series. I didnt state that I am trying to use Winkfp with F series, only told that my Icom works with all function except ISTA P on F series. Problem is not in car as with other F models there is same problem Must be or ICOM problem or software problem that car doesnt see ICOM.
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