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ISX cm 870 non vgt conversion question.

I don't know better place to ask.I want replace turbo to non vgt (Holset 4043620),cm870.Why engine brake does work,and mpg dropped like other post I read say?.cm570 pre egr have good mpg and engine brake work similar to 870?Point is made easy and less expensive to maintenance, why on 870?,because no extra mods with harness and works over j1939.EB works strong on n14,s60 with same turbo,please help me understand.Thanks,and Have Nice Day.Regards!
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People get confused on this. Most cm570 engines didnt have as an aggressive camshaft on the jake lobes as the 870 and 871. Therefore weaker jakes. Unless it was a signature 600 they used the more aggressive jake lobe. The vgt does add some strength, but if you're using a factory hx60w and an 870 valve cam you will still have exceptional jake.
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