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Introduce Yourself MANDATORY DO NOT SKIP

my name is Xdrof
I am very happy to join this wonderful forum.
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My name is Adrian, I am interested in the diagnostics of trucks and trailers.
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Hi I'm nate and I am diagnosing my tpms on my chevy volt
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Hi I'm SirKojax. I am a millwright & automotive mechanic from western Canada. I mostly work on forklifts and other mobile equipment. Looking forward to being part of MHH Auto!
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Hello,My name is Suchai. I come from Thailand. Nice to be a member.
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Hellow, guys

I am Nuno from Portugal, Congratulations, very good forum.

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Dear all,
My name is Vladimir (nick Vovok).
I'm from Russia, I found this forum very nice and i'm a member of it to cover all members requirements.
Regards, Vladimir
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Hi there! I'm lapislazzulo and i've been searching for something like this forum for a long time. It's great to be with you guys, I hope to be helpful for everyone.
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Hello, I am dr3y. I am here to learn and help others learn about cars
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