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Introduce Yourself MANDATORY DO NOT SKIP

My nickname ecaredu, deals with LIN & CAN data buses, I like to write programs in Python, C, C ++, C #, Pascal, Visual Pascal.
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Hi, my name is Luke. I'm from Poland. I am looking forward to learning new things and want to expand my knowledge.
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Hello im Andre from England been working with ecu's the past 2 years i still got a lot to learn so for a while i will be reading a lot trying to catch up.
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I'm marko from finland. I been repairing/hobbying cars sinse 2000 and now i'd like to learn car electric systems and using of different diagnostic tools
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Hi everyone!
My name is Ömer from Turkey.
I am mathematician,  student of cryptography and computer engineering.
Interested in diagnostic especially Peugeot&Citroen since my father is an experienced mechanic on it.
I will learn lots of things in this forum.

Best regards...
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This is Ron from USA.  Cant wait to dig into all the fun there is here!
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Dear All members

My name is kiler07

I look forward to being apart of this forum.

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Greetings from Lithuania. My nickname is RaimisOne and I’m big Chevrolet Voltec enthusiast.
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