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Ista-d 4.08.20 recirculation-gas exhaust
In older version of ista-d like 3.52, the diesel adaptation for egr valve was possible. (Recirculation-gas exhaust)
We can put 0.7 value, and the egr is more close.(better performance)
Now, i have 4.08.20 version of ista-d and this adaptation is not found.
BMW remove this option for the lastest version of ista-d?

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Has been removed on new versions.
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(08-12-2018, 03:26 PM)hojo29 Wrote: Has been removed on new versions.
Ok, Thanks

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It seems that most do not understand how the egr system works. The egr valve only opens at idle and part throttle cruising. As soon as you floor the throttle it closes. It plays an important part in economy, nitrous oxides reduction and lowers exhaust gas temperature. The only downside is that over time the inlet manifold and egr valve get carboned up and require periodic cleaning.

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