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Johny Rottens, 12 days halloween???😎

Who’s in for Nice gifts?? Let’s share  Tup
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good luck mate.

the way this forums going we will be very lucky to have jonny here for Christmas
thanks and reps go a long way!
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To prepare the pumpkins!  049
[Image: MSwgILo.png]
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Ohh why’s that, he’s the best here!!
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(10-11-2019, 04:09 PM)Codjosh5 Wrote: Ohh why’s that, he’s the best here!!

To many others that want to be the best as well... Worthy or Not...
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Id rather say the forum is flooded with "pass please" in every thread , every page ... when you ask a question about the software thats posted or anything related to it . Author doesnt reply and many follow with "pass please"

Too many people come here with 0 rep , 1 post , 0 thanks ,  and they just suck the forum dry for all free software . They give no contribution . I think Webmaster should gather these blood suckers and kick them all off .
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Pc Rep & Thanks If I Helped Pc
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