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K-TAG clone 7.020 having problem or not...

Hello guys,

I have problem with my KTAG 7.020 clone, i use this now over 1 year without problems but few days ago i have put new software i think i t was higher then 2.25
i use before 2.23
what i have found out i have try to make bosch edc16C0/C3 from renault megane over BDM an become message
"hardware configuration not supported"
what for me is confuse i have make before this ecu-s without problems and i have put back the old software back also 2.23 and try but ot successfull.
Yesterday i have conecct to Bosch edc17c43 from mercedes reading fine and writting all ok but try to start car he is going on but 3 seconds after off but if put ori file back car having no problems car working normal...
one more problem was with BMW bosch edc17C41 ( i have make this ecu before) reading OK writing OK but car starting and after 5 seconds going off
i check dtc and coming this messages
274900 - DDE Main Relay: relay drops out too quickly or over voltage

I dont know right now have i make mistake with the other software or not and have any test to can make to be sure if ktag works OK


i have now make pic of my folder on my PC from Update folder i think there is something with the SDcard or is this ok can somebody please check

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Seemed your problem with calibration files not with ktag.
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