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Kangoo 1.5Dci Edc17c42 Prοblem/rate

Hi guys!
i have problem with this car.
client take car to me and read file.If i wot with 4th gear from 2000rpm..i feel a cut for few seconds at 3700rpm and 4100rpm next car go well.
i feel this problem with high gears,not with 1st 2nd

No problem for pay if anyone can fix it.

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Anyone know something?
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Does it do it with original file
Tuning                  pay for tune don't pay for engine          Egr delete Fing32
Dpf delete           skype=barry.malone6
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No I read flash file and find .ori
Another tuner do it remap.

Find any problem?
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write ori and test again if problem remain,do some log with ori and mod and check where is the problem.
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Log but not see something wrong
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