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Kess V2 connection not established fw4.036

Hello Hopefully i can get some guidance.

when i connect my kess V2 F4.036 i get a "connection not established" error upon opening Ksuite.

I have verified my usb cable,    The red led light is on,  Under usb devices it shows up as dataloader correctly.

i have tried different laptops, different versions of software etc. New usb cable.

Under info Tab in Ksuite shows no information as it is not connecting.

I have not connected to internet and from my research the UL46 chip issue usually has symptoms of no Dataloader presesnt in USB Tree and no Red LED Present.

And help would be appreciaited.

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did you check the solder points of the usb terminal ?
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remove UL46 marked chip SOT236 package and try again.
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