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Launch x431 tool problem plz. help

Hello to everyone, I'm new in the auto diagnosis, Buy used diagnostic from Launch X431 model Tool with the serial number 983060663600.
Over the internet I bought the latest Software with the serial number, the new Software has truck and car diagnosis, I bought a new CF card from 4giga.
My problem is the following, when connected the Launch with car goes all right but no communication with ecu writhe and i can anything do.
Sometimes on a car in the beginning the box connetc but after i do anything It just writes "no communication with ecu"
All the connectors and all the possibilities I tried without success constantly write "no communication with ecu"
I do not know what to do anymore, ask if anyone knows how to solve this problem.
I'm also interested in what I have to buy to could diagnostic truck on 24v,and where to buy a good address.
Much thanks in advance and I apologize for bad English.
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Try to have two CF cards
One for cars and one for trucks
Then the cars must be no more then 2gb ( actaully better it si an 1Gb one )
Try then I do not have that tools but as i remmebr that my supplier told me ( and he knows the bets this kind of tools ) he told me what i told you before.
If you wanna use a very good tool Launch HD for trucks you need only the genuine tool. Clones do not works well
Good luck
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I have two CF card, 1-512 orginal, 2 4giga.
I tried it with the old card only car,card and program that came with the Launch and the same happens.
This Launce I bought as orginal Launch, and I got pass. and user for Launch website.
I do not know how to check is the original but with the serial is registered Official Launch website
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If your serial can be registred on launch then it is genuine
So what's the error that you recive when you try to connect to a truck?
Good luck
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I recive error when i connect to a car and the error "no communication with ecu", truck i never tried it because i need cables and adapters for trucks 24v. Where can I find buying
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This problem is caused by a malfunction or failure of the main cable or connector of smartbox (hairline cracks in solder connectors). You soldered connector of smartbox, if not help, then replace the main cable.
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The card has to be prepared with the needed files by the genuine software which adds the units serial to the card, a good quality 4gb cf flash like sandisk extreme always work for me.
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Hi mhh m8s.If you're near me,maybe I can help to solve this device.I have Diagun 4 years and I solved a lot of problems with it.Launch X431 Tool is different machines but I hope I could help.All the Best.
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Hello Friends any can give me launch suzuki 1 st password
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