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ME7.9.10 - requested torque, low boost request


i have patient - FIAT GRANDE PUNTO 1.4 155 HP with swapped GT14 and Corsa D-OPC injectors installed.

I'm begging you to help me, i have made several GT14 T-jet's based on ESSESSE files (IOP/IRL/MDMAX and all compressor maps related like KFETAVD ETATUR KLDHBN KLMIMAX ETC ETC ETC etc) - all worked flawlessly with earlier puntos and bravos - i made 200 hp on every one with them even with cat.

but this case is different - I can't make to meet requested to actual torque model together - it has really low demands, I've made almost 20 files without success. 

Boost (torque) request is at about 1,2-1,3b and cannot go higher, of course throttle plates gets intervention to 50% because of boost related deviation - i've edited both lower and higher deviation parameter but it's not the solution. Something limits me and I don't know what it is.

I've made "rape all the things out" file still without success - for about 70% it should generate big (about 1,5b) request - but that does not happen. I've raped WGDC scalars to get boost higher, however of course it gets intervented all the time.

What have I missed? Why boost request does not go any higher? I can make WGDC as high as I want and boost spikes can go high up to 1.7 bar before throttle goes IN, however boost requested is still very low, look on logs please...

I'm willing to pay for solution on this, as it's my pain in the ass for two days. Don't blame me for "all limiters gone" file - because it's for test and after work this out, I will revert changes.

P.S files Has IOP IRL copied from essesse file, i have tried to make on original IOP IRL distribution - its the same

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grande punto abarth.rar

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Lol i have found the issue, i will post tomorrow morning because im tired as f...
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gearbox and clutch based torque limiters ? i also had same issues with giulietta 1.4 TB, and didn't find solution for this...
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No, addresses for community:


after that i have boost request as much as I want (I made 2 bar for test).

Now reverted changes and settled perfectly.
Thanks given by: qarisk123

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