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MHH fresh new appearance!!!

(03-24-2019, 11:32 PM)mikroel Wrote: Old

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Disable your tapatalk since no need to use it anymore on ur mobile, then give us ur feedback.

If its apple and using safari, then give us sometime to fix bugs.

Best regards.
[Image: mhhsig.gif]
Thanks given by: Badri
Congratulations MHH !!!
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Thanks given by: webmaster
Some members complained to me in PM about who's on-line members is missing and pro stat.

Pro stat is in progress.... new modern stylish

Who's on-line, we set by default to be collapsed because the way of showing names let me feel page is breaking or something is wrong! same we did with thanks given... but you can view like this: 

[Image: 8xu16h.png]

Best regards.
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Thanks given by: zyNoT
I find the HOT thread is much more in your face than before, I find the HOT thread 100% useless, it probably has to do with whats being labeled as a HOT. If the HOT Thread really needed to be there (and I don`t see a good reason) it needs a to be regulated automatically using a parameter like the number of visits, replays, thanks..... to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD for all [/url]
and limited to x numbers taking the time of posting/replay in to consideration 
Naturally that depends on MyBB capabilities, but I really cant see that`s not the case, it seams like a default and a logic choice to me and the only way to set it up the way it is functioning now is to turn off default filters and manually select whats HOT 

Reason for proposing, well suggesting or complaining is the correct word is:
EVERY SINGLE TIME I OPEN A SECTION OF MHH FORUM I have to scroll down to get to  >> WHAT I CAME FOR <<[url=]

And let me be perfectly clear, if HOT was solely there by numbers I would never bring it up and respect the INTERESTS of the MAJORITY instead of  INDIVIDUALS even if it does not interests me 

I totally ignore the HOT and I remember one or 2 times I thought ! am going crazy or something when I was not able to find a thread that I just opened minutes ago and posted a replay.   It happen not to long ago, but this time it hit me after clicking back came to a page telling me "the page you are looking for does not exist on the server"  it might be in HOT section, and there it was......       

Oh Speaking of it, I just checked it and its not in hot section any more as it was fake, it took long time to come to this conclusion for somebody and the only reason I was hunting for it is because I knew it was 100% fake as the OP just send me the link for the posting followed by a PM of a chat between the OP and invented person with pictures of low resolution as a proof of whats being claimed, the only problem is the OP did not actually worked with the subject in question and he has used a IMPOSSIBLE scenario as proof   

A PERFECT EXAMPLE of this subject that came to me after not prior of my initial complain/suggestion  and I REALLY WOULD LIKE A ANSWER FROM OP instead of just ignoring it and limited input of other members without hijacking of this threat 
Thanks given by:
I was thinking something similar. Instead of HOT, you could have it show NEW or UNREAD until you read it. It helps to track new posts. I like it either way, but just an idea.
If I helped in any way, please give THANKS + REP!

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Thanks given by: Floryn_P
Good work. Thanks!

MHH keeps growing Muscle
Regards! Kolo
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Thanks given by: webmaster
(03-24-2019, 11:43 PM)webmaster Wrote: Disable your tapatalk since no need to use it anymore on ur mobile, then give us ur feedback.

If its apple and using safari, then give us sometime to fix bugs.

Best regards.

On safari, bottom ad banner is too wide.
(issue with scrolling, see attached)

on pc/chrome, link (button) to Choose Files is not clearly visible (make it as a button, or bold font?)
also maybe spacing should be smaller, same as logo with a hand. make it bit wider, but shorter in heights.

but that is only my pov

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)


70 bytes
I don't have a clue, but I will comment you.
Thanks given by: webmaster
Really looks pro !!!    Tup
If this helped you please hit "REPUTATION" and "THANKS" buttons Thankyou
Thanks given by: webmaster
I don´t like it. Everthing is far away from each other, and I hate it if I have to click sub-menus for things that are used often.
And try open "unread posts" on browser in mobile phone, no chance... Old board: *Click*, New board: try clicking correct sub-menu three times... Then given up.

One board more that kills usefulness for design

And the big banner on every page could have been 50-90% smaller. Only half of the page is shown on beginning, first you need to scroll. Open next page: Scroll. Next Page: Scroll.
Thanks given by:

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