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mijail answers my messages ... you owe me money for a long time .. trust your word but it seems that for you that has no value ... give me my things but you will not do it already I have marked you in all possible ways skype, whatsapp , cell phone and you don't answer, it's already been ... 6 months or more ... you don't show your face ... I thought you were an honest person I gave you payment options in parts but you haven't done it either ... write me or just tell me what you're not going to pay .. and so I don't bother you anymore ..


mijail contesta mis mensajes ... me debes dinero desde hace mucho .. confie en tu palabra pero parece que para ti eso no tiene valor ... decuelveme mis cosas pero tampoco lo haras ya te he marcado por todos los modos posibles skype, whatsapp, celular y no respondes, ya pasaron ... 6 meses o más.. no das la cara... pensé que eras una persona honesta te di opciones de pagos en partes pero tampoco lo haz hecho... escríbeme o simplemente dime qué no vas a pagar.. y así ya no te molesto..
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I think only hitman will resolve this problem.

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You will have your email or phone number so that you can provide it to me.
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what problem you have it? what deal you done it?
please let me know..

if you dont want said in public.. so send me PM..

best regards,

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Again, after making the publication, Mijail contacted me, commented that he would pay by the end of November, and he does not answer in any way (whatsapp, skype, etc ...) He commented that he had more business, and my worst. . I'm tired of talking to him so that he doesn't answer ... I won't let him keep my things and even less without paying me ... that's not for a man ... let's see if this way you show your face like the last time ...


De nueva cuenta, despues de hacer la publicacion Mijail me contacto, comento que pagaria para fines de noviembre, y no contesta de ninguna manera (whatsapp, skype,etc...) comento que le habian salido mas unos negocios, y a mi peor.. ya me canse de estar hablandole para que no resposda... no dejare que se quede con mis cosas y menos sin pagarme... eso no es de hombre... a ver si de esta manera das la cara como la ultima vez...

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in your attachments I can see only that you try to contact this user. Our supermod Yudi asked you what is the reason of this thread and why you try to contact him. If you can't post on open forum use PM to send a message regarding your problem.


(11-19-2020, 09:48 PM)fang88 Wrote: I think only hitman will resolve this problem.

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I can't stop laughting after I read your message Fang 24 24
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If I spoke with Yudi, I already gave him the reasons and reasons why I got to publish, this person said that at the end of November he would pay me, and I talk to him, I write and he does not respond ... I put those captures so that they see that he was connected .. and he simply ignored me ... that's not a man .. he said that a business went wrong ... and me too with him .....
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