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Maxidas DS 708

Hi everyone and thanks for reading!

I was wondering if there is any other software we can use with a autel maxidas 708, since im having problem with copying my SD card i'm actually looking for alternative!

have a good day!
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I would suggest you purchase one of the Launch solutions from one of the sellers in the Selling Box section of this forum for a fraction of one years updates from Autel. The SD card will have to be copied in Linux and the card will almost certainly have a serial number on it. I am not aware of any solutions for this tool yet, but if I am mistaken someone will certainly let you know I am sure.
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There is no other software you can use with it, and like diagnostix said, it is serial number locked to your machine.

You could try and contact xcar360 on this forum and he may be able to help you with the sd card issue. He is a trusted seller IMO.
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thanks for your answere guys! ive sent him a pm!
Thanks given by: diagnostix

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