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Microcat Hyundai 2014/02- 2014/03

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You like please click [Image: 5hkRR] or [Image: jdCbU]. I do not put a password on the archives. It is possible that the archive was corrupted while downloading. Reload the archive again.
Thanks given by: moftah , Yudi
(03-15-2014, 09:35 PM)Tulex Wrote: [Image: a01ad0c323006cb308b5f596ad199b90.jpg]

I have installed succesfull on WIN XP 32bits. From some reasons I deleted Microcat Hyundai, and l now again I want to install it, but now I have a problema with "Dongle not found" ???
After installation I abandoned restart, run crack.cmd, chcek if there mg16.dll in MHYCW, no in windows system32 folder, I go to MHYCW and from there install Alladin HASP, But when start, opens IE and there is a picture with message Dongle not found???
What I miss? Before install Microcat I have installed ETKA, but I removed
Hardlock driver. What I'm doing wrong? Please HELP!!!
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