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Milwaukee cordless tools

Thanks guys.

I am starting some mobile welding and on site truck repair. I'm trying to keep things simple keeping an eye on space and weight. I'd like to be able to handle brakejobs wheel seals etc without having to carry around a compressor and hoses. I have always liked Milwaukee. When Lithium ion first got big we had some 28v tools. They were very impressive then I can only imagine what the new stuff is like
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the fuel m12 tools are decent. I have a set i bought for $199 with a fuel hammer drill and bit driver and non-fuel ratchet and love them! my next step would be to get a fuel ratchet. I'll still in the m12 range for now since it's more than plenty for me, but if you're wanting to go pro level, go for the m18 setups. Can't go wrong with milwaukee tools - they're smaller and more powerful than their dewalt counterparts Smile

p.s: like mentioned above, FUEL refers to their brushless motors which are more powerful and use less battery - extending your battery life.

p.p.s: I'm unsure if it's alright to post links but here's the deal I got at $199 ( . will have deals on regular basis and you can set alerts to notify you when your search parameters are met Wink
Vehicle List:
2008 sprinter 2500
2009 sprinter 3500
2002 Ford f550 7.3 Turbodiesel
Thanks given by: megastang
I have owned allot of cordless tools MatiKa, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Ingersoll....
All of the mentioned are top brands but lately Milwaukee is making top level tools that are impossible to beat price wise in both 18v and 12v
For example the 12v impact gun 250fp ultra compact and it has 4 power settings
The 12v cut off saw, spins @ 20.000 rpm stops instantly, unbelievable precision and performance for light jobs, there is nothing out there like this tool....
Speaking of the 1" T handle Gun, it is a industrial gun, you can tell by the ring it has on top, the ring is used to secure the gun in a production line environment. it has 2000/
The other 1" and 3/4 gun is a regular one hand gun also industrial gun it has it cost around 1400 CND but the crazy thing is you can buy an regular gun that has bare tool for 250 CND its not an industrial gun but it is a 100% professional top quality gun price wise unmatched

Other thing to know is the voltage, when you see 20v like dewalt is listing, that is just bulshit and 12V does not even exist! the volts need to represent a battery under load and if you take the single cell you cannot get a battery pack that has 20v most lithium cells are 3.6v some are 3.7v a simple calculation 3.6x5 = 18 now depending on the battery inside the pack you will get your amperage for a single row, for a single row the maximum amperage that you can theoretically buy is 3.6 for 18650 22650 is slightly more. The 2 top rated hi discarge batteries are made by SONY and SAMSUNG its a 15a discharge and 3000 ma rating but you are never going to see that kind of quality in a power tool, typical battery is a 2000/2200ma battery so for example a red lithium by Milwaukee 12V 4.0A is 2 rows of 3 2000ma 3.6V/3.7 in reality it is a 11.1V

The dewalt 20v is called 20v max the max means it is 20V maximum meaning no load, a typical cell has 4-4.2V 5x4=20 this is how dewalt is getting the number 20
18v is all you need for hand haled tools, I have a 60v (54v in reality) cut off tool (dewalt) it is impressive but it burns allot of power a 9A battery pack (for 20v rating) will not last very long, its simple math: battery pack is made out of 15 22650 lithium batteries @ 3000ma
15x3.6 = 54V @ 3000ma meaning its just a single row 3A for 20v you get 3 rows @ 9000ma yes in a drill or impact wrench it will last but it is ridiculously big and heavy
Thanks given by: lewap
I switched over to Milwaukee when they launched the m18 fuel 1/2 impact. I never used an air tool since. I constantly beat my 1/2 impact everyday. Weather I drop it or I use the back of it as a hammer to take wheels off. It never let me down. None of their tools ever let me down!
If you are going into the mobile mechanic business these are the power tools to have. 
What I would tell you is go to swap meets or check the classifieds for used ones. Take a battery so you can test also. 
50% of my power tools from Milwaukee is used that I bought for cheap. None of them let me down so far.
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Thanks given by: megastang

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