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Mitchell OD5 01.2K15 via MEGA

Hello, first of all, all Credit/Rep+/Thanks goes to "hipro60", this is their upload, i had issues w/ Torr3nt but finally downloaded it and got it working as hipro60 provided, only thing i did was upload it complete via MEGA and added some instructions that may make a little easier for setup, but once again all credit goes to "hipro60" , so be sure to Thank them & MHH of course!

Attached is MEGA URL, PM, Please Rep+ and Thank for URL Key

Im not being greedy just asking for 5 seconds of your time for people that need it, Most importantly Please be sure to REP+ & Thank "hipro60", its thanks to them & MHH this is possible! If any issues please lmk i will take down link w/ all due respect.

Thank You MHH!

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Mitchell OD5 01.2K15 via MEGA.txt

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