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Mitchell OD5 + manager parts and labor fix plus no need to register/activate OD5!!


It didnt fix it permanently BUT using it I found it worked only once, the 2nd time I'd open manager it would not be able to go to Parts and Labor again, FACK!!! Headbang so I closed manager reapplied the registry key and it worked again! 24 So, obviously it was editing the registry fix and undoing it after running+close of manager. I found the registry values it was screwing up and I made them all read only after fixing them one last time BAM! IT ALL WORKS!! I can open manager over and over again, open a WIP customer andf click parts and labor with NO ISSUE!

I can use a cracked mod.exe (yeah I couldnt make the keygen work in either win7x64 or win8.1x86) AND it connects to manager plus 5.9 perfectly every time!!

Here are the offending keys to make read only:


and for x86


what it changes these back to in the registry is writable is:


Notice how it doesnt have the ^ symbol and the word Estimating??? ;-)

so, in order to make registry keys read only (there is no way to undo this easily so dont fuck this up!!) I will write a guide:
apply the registry patch posted right above for your x86 or your x64....

Download runassystem.exe

open runassystem.exe
type in regedit
Now you opened as System user regedit.exe - depending on whether you are x86 or x64 browse to the key:



right click OnDemand5 and go to Permissions
Click Advanced button
Click Owner Tab
Highlight your username "System" and then checkmark "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" and click Apply button
Click permissions tab
Uncheck "Include inheritable permissions from this objects parent"
IMPORTANT a dialog box popps up CLICK ADD BUTTON!!!
if you fuck that up you need to fix your registry with the final advice on's site about using pchunter to kill off the broken keys and start over by readding the regkeys via the reg key files merging agin from post above this!!!

After clicking ADD button you will notice the permissions stayed.. now edit each user/group like this:
Make sure the only thing checkmarked for each user is:
Query Value
Enumerate Subkeys
Read Control

Exception: CREATOR OWNER needs to have the dropdown "Apply to" say instead of subkeys only to instead say this key and subkeys

then you checkmark "Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object"
and click Apply

NOW IT WILL WORK!!! close and reopen manager as many times as you want anmd parts and labor will open and clocse and you can use with cracked mod.exe as many times as you mant without properly registering OnDemand5

lastly and I am hoping this isnt important but one change I have nobody else likely does is my hosts file has the following extremely thorough entries:

Hope that helps!! PLEASE TEST!~ I will post this in the fixes section on its own with proper guide so people dont get stuck with broken OD5+manager ever again!

And yes, I did this because I have watched PAYING CUSTOMERS get their manager deactivated year after year and I begged them to stop wasting their $$$valuable$$$ time on this bait and switch tactic mitchell uses to rope their customers into both hating them and repaying them in time and moneyt what already was paid and it fucking pissed me off - they finally let me CRACK their stuff

Lastly... i did all this work without fucking with the changing of my windows system time settings at all... enjoy!!!!! Pc 049049DriveCheer2Cheer2Cheer27979Cash1087242424 bow Big Grin

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Fix Lost Access to OEM Parts & Labor+runassystem+pchunter.rar

4.8 MB
Great job, I can now open the parts and labor infinite times. The only problem I'm having is when I choose a part or labor I'm still having the Od5 patch problem where it doesn't total the parts and labor. I'm also not able to transfer what I added to the manager program. I hope that I'm just doing something wrong and it works perfect for you. I have been waiting along time for this fix and I hope we can get this fixed. Thanks
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Been a long time since posting this, but do you have an experience using runassytem in win 10? The registry seems different.
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