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Moderator throwing a temper tantrum ?

Are the owner and the other admins ok with this ? I had a member who is also a moderator giving me a warning today. He asked for a password on one of my uploads, I gave it to him, all good, thanks and happiness. Days later he asks for another password on another thread I have (a 100gb Xentry image I worked for 3 days to make it FOR FREE FOR OUR MEMBERS) , I sent him the password. Later he messages me again, asking for the password again. I told him I already sent it, I am not sure what is going on with either his messages or mine. Then he becomes rude as f..k throwing a temper tantrum like a 2 year old THAT I AM NOT GIVING HIM THE PASSWORD. I honestly don't have time, patience and respect for people THAT BITCH FOR NOT GETTING FREE STUFF QUICK ENOUGH, so I told him to watch his manners. He then comes back with another message giving me an MHH warning for breaking the forum rule number 17. Aaaahhhghhh, what?

So, my questions to the owner and admins is : Is it ok for a member of MHH and a member of the staff to use the forum rules inappropriately, to be rude as hell and to give warnings, bans and other punishments to other members without any reason, just because they can ?

I won't name that member in public, I will be more than happy to provide details in private.

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Hello mate, 

I checked the logs and draw out my conclusion....

If anyone got issue in MHH, simply you can reach me:

Email: [email protected]
Skype: Rabih.hammoud ( MHH Logo as avatar )

I'm always there for MHH members whom they made the page number one in the world  Tup

Best regards.
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Thank you so much for your time and message. Everything is behind us now, thank you for unbanning me. I am a very respectful person on this forum, I always help people left and right and I am sorry if things got out of hand. I am here as a hobby, I don't make money. I treat everyone with respect and I expect the same. Sometimes things happen and we make mistakes. We are humans. Nobody is perfect. I appreciate you looking into this matter and I am happy we can move on now. Thank you

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