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Mongoose JLR v 131 how to install?

(07-13-2014, 04:41 PM)mattydr67 Wrote: Use the patch.exe
This will install that dll file in the right place
Or you can go in windows search and search that dll
Then you need to backup the original files and tgen repkace it
But after this you need to plug the tool to usb ( maybe you need to power it up - I do not have mangoose but I have AVDI and activation it is preatty much the sane ) and then start the application
I did one more think.
In the registry I erased all the other passtrue folders installed and you hace to let only the one for your mangoose
Good luck

Thanks to mattydr67

i install the patch and startup the SDD138 and it go "Enter dealer info page" i take some snapshot below:

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Quite easly found on this site, with instructions and tested working. V138 is the latest I read about.
But you can find it as easly as I can do it, so sorry no link.
I usually do and write stupid shit, but if I helped you please take a second and leave a positive rep and/or thanks.
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Now you activate the software
And need to install the Mangoose driver to be able to use your tool
After this i went in registry files and i delete all the passthrue drivers and let only the Mangoose one ( in your case )
Because as I saw in your PrtSc's it ise set up for VCM Rotunda
Good luck
Thanks given by: Badri
On my install it switches right to Mongoose when I plug it in (and have drivers installed of course). So I don't think any registry tweaks are needed. But you can try and report Smile
I usually do and write stupid shit, but if I helped you please take a second and leave a positive rep and/or thanks.
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I said how I did myself.
I didn't said that it is necessary
Good luck
Thanks given by: TizWaz
I've installed SDD 138.02 (SDD 138 Full, SFA, SDD 138.02, VFD) and patched it with patch from this forum (which was told that is working), also J2534 Software.

J2534 Software works and finds JLR Mongoose interface as an pass-thru interface.

When I start SDD it opens, I've got

I can't read VIN from vechicle, must input it manualy, the icons on the top of the right side of screen don't show any device (Mongoose/Rotunda) or doesn't show even the battery status on the car (12,2V, only on ignition, egngine stopped).

When I've gived the VIN info to the program it shown me details about the car.

And it shows DTC's (the actual DTC's, that I can also reed by DS150 and others)

When it shows the list of ECU's it only shows those on ISO and SCP (No CAN).

What's going on ?!
Should it work like that?

How can I do such things as ECU Coding (GEM fex. automatic door locking) or adding new keys?
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Can this interface be used eith other software than JLR ?
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