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NISSAN X-TRAIL Denso need DPF off


Pleaz hellp me with DPF off and EGR off for NISSAN X-TRAIL 2,2DCI FROM 2006 with DENSO ECU sw:t281zr75

ASC won't do this car

THANK'S!!! Handshake

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here you have dpf off file,you can disconnect all sensor from dpf pipe.
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Custom file for TUNE/DPF/SCR/EGR/TVA/VSA/DTC and more...
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here she is bro

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Nissan X-trail 2.2 Dci - DPF off + EGR off -

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HI I need help DPF OFF xtrail Denso 2.2 dCI 23710 ES62B 275800-4504.
The car had DPF Emu fitted about 5 years back and it stop working, later found problem - no power supply for EMU which is taken from DFF sensor.
I have tuner for cooperation and we remove from flash, tried different version - every time regeneration start after 70...300km.
Bought another EMU from Poland, ECU fitted with ori SW and EMU installed - the same issue..  regeneration start after 70...300km.
Replace ECU with the same part number after 20km regeneration start.. Sad

Any help appreciated.

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Welcome Tup Thanks and Handshake reputation.
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