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NTG5s1 Linguatronic
Hi guys,

Can someone tell me please how can i enable linguatronic on a comand ntg5s1 unit?
The unit was updated in order to activate android auto/carplay but somehow the linguatronic option is off as i cannot see anywhere in the menu the individualization tag and the steering wheel button is not working anymore.

Thank you in advance.
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Simply do scn coding.
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Mercedes Benz 
(07-12-2018, 09:06 AM)sherwin1111 Wrote: Simply do scn coding.

Not an option as in my datacard i have an audio20 . My car is a 2012 w218 (CLS).
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Change datacard code and do scn Smile

Afaik Linguatronic coding is named SDS_TTS
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(07-12-2018, 09:24 AM)sherwin1111 Wrote: Change datacard code and do scn Smile

Afaik Linguatronic coding is named SDS_TTS

Cheers mate, i ll give it a try tomorrow.Handshake

Afaik Linguatronic coding is named SDS_TTS

Looks like is deactivated in 20. VCD_ Several_Aplications...
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