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Need enhanced option on autoenginuity 9,1

Hi just get a new Autoenginuity tool and I would like to get the codes,for ford enhanced option,Really this is the first time use tool like this,before I was used elm 327,
Any help will be really apprecciate.
Thanks ,regards.
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(11-20-2011, 06:05 AM)oscarescodo Wrote: Hi just get a new Autoenginuity tool and I would like to get the codes,for ford enhanced option,Really this is the first time use tool like this,before I was used elm 327,
Any help will be really apprecciate.
Thanks ,regards.

Its only $199 on thier website and updates a a sickly low price especially if you acquire a good amount of the enhanced options. Security changes every update now so steer clear of your cracked versions and save yourself the headache. Here is a glimpse of the ford OE coverage andd remember key programming for the big 6 is coming very soon ! Also the next update is boasting superior graphing capability update to be competitive with snapon and ease diagnostics graphing capabilities.
OE-Level Coverage (Enhanced Interfaces)

OE-Level Coverage (Enhanced Interfaces)
Get dealer-like capabilities with our ScanTool using our enhanced interfaces.

Coverage, Coverage, Coverage
Independent service shops and vehicle tuners require more information than what OBDII can provide to do their job effectively. Since the OBDII standard covers only emissions-related powertrain systems and sensors, there is a lot information you won't be able to see with a generic OBDII scan tool. With our enhanced interface options, you can get factory tool-like capabilities; allowing you to access hundreds of systems (ABS, airbags, instrument cluster, etc.), sensors, and system/component-level bi-directional controls so you can do your job faster and with a greater degree of accuracy.

Our support includes non-OBDII and European models. For example, due to their excessive vehicular weight trucks like the Ford Super Duty, Chevy Duramax, and Dodge are not required to be OBDII compliant. But with our enhanced interface options you can now access the diagnostics capabilities of these vehicles. For our European customers, our enhanced interface options also support Audi/VW, BMW, Chrysler/Dodge, Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes, and Toyota/Lexus diesel engines and the European-specific models.

Coverage on Demand
It's a powerful concept pioneered by AutoEnginuity that allows you to purchase enhanced options as you need them. Since enhanced interfaces are software-based updates1 for our ScanTool line that, once purchased, can be activated through email. There is no extra installation or special hardware necessary1.

The enhanced interfaces come with free updates for the first 12 month period, and you can transfer your license to another PC if necessary. another 12 months of updates the cost is 50.00 USD (Item #AC-Single) for one enhancement; 75.00 USD (Item #AC10-1) for up to three enhancements, or one region (Domestic, Asian, or European); 150.00 USD for 4 to 10 expansions (Item #AC10-2), or for a ProLine Bundle; and 225.00 USD for a ProLine bundle with any additional coverage (Item #AC10-3), per 12 month period. You are not required to purchase updates and can continue to operate the existing enhanced version for as long as you'd like. To keep our tools competitive against our factory scan tool competitors, we release an average of 4 updates per 12 month period.

Enhanced interface for:

Ford (EI01) 1995-2010
GM (EI02) 1995-2010
Toyota/Scion/Lexus (EI03) 1995-2010
Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth/Eagle (EI04) 1996-2010
Mazda (EI05) 1996-2010
Hyundai and Kia (EI09) 1998-2010
Nissan and Infiniti (EI06) 2000-2010
BMW and MINI (EI07) 1996-2010
Honda and Acura (EI08) 1996-2010
Land Rover (EI10) 2002-2010
Jaguar (EI11) 1995-2010
Subaru (EI12) 1999-2010
Porsche (EI13) 1997-2010
Isuzu (EI14) 1996-2010
Mitsubishi (EI15) 1996-2010
Audi / VW (EI16) 1996-2010
Mercedes (EI17) 1998-2010

Enhanced interface for Ford (EI01) 1995-2010* 2

Although Ford does implement the largest subset of the OBDII standard, the typical vehicle only supports 20 - 40 sensors and is limited to emissions powertrain. Using the enhanced Ford interface, a typical Ford vehicle will support 200 - 300 sensors within half a dozen systems; that's essential systems such as ABS, airbags, GEM, ICM, etc.

Our enhanced Ford interface coverage is only matched by factory tools; we have support for 4,800+ sensors selected from 94 systems. Support includes ISO, SCP, CAN, MCAN, and CAN 14229 controllers. The Ford enhanced interface has support for Ford of Europe diesel models such as Ka, Mondo, Galaxy, Fairlane, etc. Finally, our Ford enhanced has support for non-CAN and CAN 400+ bi-directional commands and dozens of system-level tests. With bi-directional controls, you will no longer be relegated to being just an observer in the operation of the vehicle--now you can take control of its operation.

System Tests:

PATS Timed Key Programming ('96 - '08)
Power Balance (CAN-based models)
EVAP Bay Test
Service Bleed (Non-CAN support not available with ProLine currently)
Buzz Injector
Cylinder Contribution Test
Switch Test
Glow Plug Test
System Self-Test
Low - and High Speed Fan
All Outputs On/Off
Injector Coding (1.8L and 2.0L)
KAM Reset
Tire Size Programming up to 40" ('99-'03 7.3L, and '04-'07 6.0L trucks)
IVD Initialization
Steering Angle / Yaw Rate / Acceleration Sensor Reset ('03 Explorer and Lincoln LS)
Passenger Seat ReZero
Power Seat Calibration Test
Audio Network Communication Test
Vehicle In-Motion IO Test
Front Wiper Self-Test
Rear Wiper Self-Test
Diesel Particulant Filter Reset, Clear EGR Adaptive Tables, and Clear Fuel Injector Adaptive Tables
Thanks given by: oscarescodo , rabihfiras
Thanks rocknrollgood4soul ,Really apreciatte your information,I will considere,buy the enhanced option from AE. after read the entire article I am very interested.The main thing I doing with this scantool is work in ford diesel.
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Anyone had any luck with winhex generating enhancement codes? I took a little look and can find hardware id, user name and the manual input codes, but can't make anything out... And one have any luck with winhex or and other editor?? cheers....
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Activation version 9.1.1?

Thanks given by:
Send Activation version 9.1.1?
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I had original Autoenginuity with enhanced addons enabled, it worked great but if your unit gets damaged, stolen like mine - they will not transfer your existing addons to a new adaptor, you have to buy them all over again. They know what you had, they can look it up and tranfer the new keys - but NO ----They rip you off big time...... Just save your self a head ache and buy an ACI scanner. its much cheaper with all addons enabled. you can buy 5 or 6 of these buy the time you invest in the real thing only to be screwed later. rocknrollgood4soul does not know value when he sees one - to keep pushing buying the real thing, maybe if he got screwed over he would have a different attitude.....Oh, and the $199 he's talking about - you just bought yourself a $29.95 code reader, because that's all it will do for that price unless you spend hundreds more on the addons (per car manufacturer).
Thanks given by: theUser
Hey I know this is really old, but could I get this and update it please. YOU ROCK

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(06-16-2019, 12:42 PM)Jeff6146 Wrote: Hey I know this is really old, but could I get this and update it please. YOU ROCK

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