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Need help with Citroen C4

Hi guys,

a friend with Citroen C4 1600cc Turbo (2009 model) is fitted with hybrid turbo (from seat leon 1800cc), custom profile camshafts (258 degrees instead of 252) and some peripherals as well

We get fault codes P0172 and P0011
We set up camshafts corerctly, everything seem to work well (MAF,MAP,IAT etc).

When we start the engine we get this message "STOP!!!OIL PRESSURE TOO LOW". Oil filter is new. The problem is that if you give some throttle (or sometimes at idle), engine doesnt work properly. It seems to flunctuate

I logged ECU, I was getting -24% correction on fuel in bank 1. We replaced Lamda sensor and now I get 24% (positive now) correction on fuel in bank 1.

I am really confused. I believe that it might have an air leak somewhere that's why we have these corrections on fuel and these fluctuations. If you give much throttle and turbo spools, it seems to work fine. I need to fix this problem before start tuning this engine

Any ideas of what to check? Thank you
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UPDATE: Probably there is an air leak that's why sometimes we see fuel correction -24% and sometimes +24% on bank 1

Any ideas of what else to check would be highly appreciated. I will check for air leaks today
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what readings of map at idle? try disconnect maf after this and measure again, and measure oil pressure, if you not sure about this
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So to summarize because I didnt get it very well.

First, you want me to check readings of map sensor at idle
Second, to disconnect MAF and measure map sensor reading at idle again
In both test, to read oil pressure

Is that correct?
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oil pressure just check at first, to not damage engine
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Measure oil pressure and that's it.
If it is not ok check pressure sensor wiring...

Measure maf reading at idle
Disconnect maf and check actual value again....

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