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New Type FVDI ?

I 've got a couple PM here on mhh where I bought the kit. I bought it on AliExpress from the seller: Autolocksmith Center . Buy it trugh the app on your phone , then would be about 15 % cheaper!

Testeted on 7 cars so far.

Citroen C2 2005 milige corection-OK!
Citroen C3 2006 milige corection-OK!
Peugeot Expert 2008 Key code + learning-Ok!
Peugeot Expert 2012 Key code + learning-Ok!
Opel Zafira 2004 milige corection-OK!
Opel Zafira 2006 milige corection-OK!
Audi A4 2000 Key learning + milige corection-OK!

More cars wil be tested this week...!
Opel Vectra C 2005 DTC read and remove on ABS- OK! Smile
VW t4 DTC read - OK!

Tried to upload pictures to attachments, but no F*** sucses WinkWinkAngry

Trie those lnks i posted and give me feedback if its posible to se themMuscle
Thanks given by: parrot1964
Those photo links work Daniel93

Your FVDI version 2014 sold by ali 'Autolocksmith Center' is $391 with DHL. About the best on offer at the mo. 1% off with the App.
They also have the 2015 version for $640 inc DHL.
This has VW version 24 instead of 21 & BMW version 10.4 instead of 10.3 etc

My question is, is that much difference if any? for the $250 premium?
1 listing also shows passthru software it supports?? is this true??

Versions 2014 2015
1.VAG - VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda:V21 v24
2.Mercedes/Smart/Maybach:V6.4; v7.0
3.BMW:V10.3; v10.4
5.OPEL/VAUXHALL: V6.2; v6.5
6.Peugeot/Citroen: V6.3; v6.7
7.Fiat/Alfa/Lancia:V5.4 ; v5.7
8.Renault:V5.4; v6.3
9.Toyota/Lexus:V6.0; v9.0
10.Hyundai/KIA:V2.1 ;
12. Ford: V4.9
13. Chrysler: V3.1; v3.3
14. VOLVO: V4.3
15. Mitsubishi: V2.1;
16. DAF: V1.0;
17. Bike,Snow & Water scooters: V1.2
18.TAG Key Tool:V6.2;
Thanks given by:
i posted same pics and stated its the same pcb
asfor passthru it dont work with fvdi only original avdi is suposed to work ok
mine never came with passthru drivers etc so cant check
Please use THANKS and REPUTATION if my post is helpful...
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difference of the new versions vag 24 bmw 10.4 ? (to the old versions)
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