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Nissan Fast 2011.07 (EL, GL, ER, GR, CA, US)

Nissan Fast 2011.07 (EL, GL, ER, GR, CA, US)

Electronic parts catalog cars NISSAN. Program to determine the original part number (part number). You enter the VIN-code car - a program to "parse" in part, tells you the date of the car and offers a choice of only those parts that are installed it on your car .

Year/Issue Date: 2011-07
Version: 4.70 (maybe 6.00, 6.15)
Developer: NISSAN
Language: English
License: Freeware

Attached Files

Nissan Fast 2011.07.txt

764 bytes
Thanks given by: negritosistemas , pesona , easyobd , webmaster , rocbalbo
Hi, can somebody provide some basic installation instruction???
This one which I founded I don't get it:
Ext. Information: Installation must be done:
1. On any disk folder FASTPRG \ Win2000 \ Setup
2. On drive C \ (D, E, G) where you originally pointed the way to the folder Nissan create additional folders \ EL. US. IN. EL_INF
3. In each folder to unpack the images; EL - in EL and so on (ie the image of all the files from the EL, GL, and so you create a copy on the hard drive folder with the same name. If you copy all the new updates portable Files with the replacement of "except for the file FASTPRG. leave it to old)
4. Next, find the file C: \ Nissan \ nfset.exe and run it. Tab CD-ROM setup
Prescribe the way separately to each folder (C: \ Nissan \ El, C: \ Nissan \ EL_Inf, C: \ Nissan \ Us)
5. Create a shortcut to the Desktop from: X \ NISSAN \ Nfmenu.exe
6. Everything works
This instruction - the total for the Nissan Fast. When installing the hand you only get the folder EL (Europe left hand). Other regions are looking for the tracker.

Can somebody explain it to me in simply words? Step 2,3 and 4 especially.
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Archive Part 11 throws an error upon extraction. Could you replace it in the archive?

Thanks given by:
please can you provide a download link again, the above download link is dead or removed
Thanks given by:
(11-16-2011, 06:45 AM)forumoto Wrote: please can you provide a download link again, the above download link is dead or removed

Had the same problem, you can try these.

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Nissan Fast 1107 Links.txt

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Thanks given by: clauberty
Friends users, I wonder if any of you have the 2011 or 2012 nissan fast, actually functions, I owe to that show users where applications are up but we should, to be sure that the files exist and if the discharge is optimal since I have about 1 week tratanto link to download my fellow MHHauto and mostly if not all fast nissan are corrupt or damaged, if anyone has a link that is really good it would appreciate, the other idea I have dropbox is that we can use and share through email, we are sharing the files and thus we do not eliminate them, thanks for your prompt spare parts.
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