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OM 646.966 with automatic transmission and particule filter - Bracket problem

Hello guys,

I'm looking for help to mount my particule filter bracket to gearbox.

This bracket use two gearbox to the engine bolt to hold it. But one of those bolts is also used to hold the protection tube that contains the positive cable that cames from alternator to the starter.

In the bolt, where particle filter bracket and protection tube are tightened to the gearbox, there's something wrong because I can't make aligned!!

Maybe I bended something when I putted the engine in place.

Does anyone have any photo of this particular detail?

Thanks![Image: 98108515_2991301994291647_51806005475514...e=5EEE4908]
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This is what the bracket looks like, perhaps you can compare it to yours.

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(05-24-2020, 04:40 AM)ytech Wrote: This is what the bracket looks like, perhaps you can compare it to yours.

Is exactly that one! My question is about how it goes to the car together with the positive cable tube. Is there a spacer between it? Do you have any photo of that bracket attached to the car? That photo will solve my problem!
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[Image: 33aa44af01318b8001faeb7ad18dc411.jpg]

Problem solved! There’s a photo showing bracket right position .
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