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Onboard Diagnosis kit

Hey guys ,

I heard from my friend that there is a kit that make me diagnos and program control units out of the car.

I need to diagnos and program the etc out of the car it really makes it easier.

My question is do you know where i find this hardware?

Thanks in advance

Ps sorry for my bad english 049
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There's a long long way to go, maybe you should start with elm 327
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(08-21-2018, 04:02 PM)kirukisu Wrote: There's a long long way to go, maybe you should start with elm 327

I think you did not get what i mean.
My dear friend for example i need to program the 722.9 chip out of the car like the boadd by itself without connecting it to the car.

I hope i explained myslef well this time Smile
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To read and write a dump from an engine control unit on the bench you will need a Ktag tool using Ksuite software. You will need to research this tool to see what it can and cannot do.
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