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Opcom Bootloader did not respond... error

Suddenly I run into a problem with my Opcom clone.
It stopped to connect to any ecu's in the car.

I made a quick test in settings and the app and the result was a good tool, the test pass.
Firmware shown and the test was successful, but no connection to the car anymore.

I tried to update the firmware and when I click to "Flash" I get an error something like "Bootloader did not respond or new protection...".

So, I searched around and found the post from Fantomel for bootloader recovery.
Went through all the steps and even when I tested the interface with OPCOMFUT V2.9 the test shows like there is a good firmware.

I can now do whatever I wan't always this error "Bootloader did not respond or new protection...".

The pcb is a Version 5 pcb with a real PIC uC.
Windows is recognizing the tool like an USB Serial Converter.
I use Win7 x64.

Any idea what could go wrong?

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Are u sure is real V5 pcb? Post pictures of it, front and back and then we will see 100%
This is real v5, old one

[Image: OP-COM-Best-Chips.jpg]

[Image: OLD-OP-COM-V5-VS-NEW-V5-FAKE.jpg]
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Thanks given by: Chris:
Here is my pcb, looks like your pic's...
This tool was working well on many Opel's but I run into trouble with an instrument panel (can't connect, time out etc...) on a meriva 2003 ym...
That was my first bad taste of this hardware.

[Image: 8N9ugbQ.jpg]

[Image: 4UmmUYF.jpg]

At the moment of updating my post, I realized does maybe it could be a fake v5 pcb, based on the pcb down right of your photos.
I have also to say does I did several time fw update and had no issue before...
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is not good, fake pic
OP-COM 2018
DiagBox 9.23
Thanks given by: Chris:
Ok, if I would change the PIC do I have to do some other mod's too on the hw?
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easy way is to bay a new one
OP-COM 2018
DiagBox 9.23
Thanks given by: Chris:
Yea, I agree with you, but I need mine urgent and I can't get one in a day or two.
If I would pay to some local guys I probably would spend much more money and can't be sure does it is a tool with real PIC or not.

Like this, the seller sold this unit with a real PIC but it looks like I got a fake one.

For me it is maybe better to change the PIC and program the stuff cos I know this hardware was working well till now.
If somebody would share a tested solution "fake 2 ori PIC" with a good boot and fw for the new PIC I would that really appreciate that.

In the other hand, how was that possible does I made fw update on the same tool and nothing was bad, if this is a fake PIC?

How can we recognise a fake PIC vs ori?
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I will appreciate that. Thankyou
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Hi to all!

what firmware you have now?
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OCFlash sas it is 1.41 and can read the interface ID...
Even if I delete the USB Serial Interface from device manager and plug again in the interface 
the OS start to search for some driver OP-COM USB V2.
But at the end it still installs the USB Serial Interface drv...

[Image: QkfsaKh.jpg]
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