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PSA-COM fake chinese thing ( diagbox purpose)

There are some new products advertised over china websites about a new tool for PSA , a bluetooth conector, they say is latest thing for Peugoet citroen that can use Diagbox softwares via bluetooth.

You will receive this conector and a software "SuperScan Manager" from ASM-X company ( dont know about it ).

Finnaly its good for nothing.

Take care and avoid to buy this .    
Thanks given by: Freezzby
Seems it similar with focom, just same looking peugot sw
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Thank you.
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Dec superscan ?
S K Y P E = sydiagnostics
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well if u rip it apart and join pin 13 with pin 4 then maybe u have a cool looking dongle with some flashing lights to sync toyota immo box with ecu (well that would only be the expesife version of a paper clip) see u can do something with it Smile
yes i have seen some of this type of tools doing its apearance on china sites , i was not realy convinced it works but now u just confirm it
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Thanks given by: Freezzby
I found some link about the original tool
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yes PSA-COM is a copy DEC solo psa ,diagbox is the best diag !
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