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Peugeot 206 no spark
Hi all currently working on 99 Peugeot 206 1.4 with MM ECU . they were no registered key's so I programmed a key now keg is authorized I programmed key although pp 2000 could only see bsi and no other modules.
After program key car still won't start but I've narrowed it down to no spark,however I can't get into engine ecu to see what's going on . Would be most grateful for any ideas
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I don't really know what could be your problem but I assume that the problem is with a closed ecu. That means your immo is armed until cranking and your ignition is not enabled.

I hade that situation on a car model which I can't remember now what model that was actually. ..

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I will appreciate that. Thankyou
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Well the ecu is not locked I checked with live data on bsi

Sadly this particular model seems to give problems where diagnostic tool doesn't see anything but bsi
Already checked dtc fuses

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Have you scoped crank sensor for signal?, check your power and grounds at coil pack, check for 5v sensor reference
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(09-15-2018, 12:41 PM)Colin C Wrote: Have you scoped crank sensor for signal?, check your power and grounds at coil pack, check for 5v sensor reference

found the problem ecu was not turning on spark or gas changed ecu and transponder problem solved
Thanks given by: KriyenKPp , Colin C
Great, nice to hear a solution, all to often you scroll to the bottom of a page to find the thread starter hasn't bothered to update the suituation, which may help someone else in future
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