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Porsche Boxster BOSCH ME7.8.1 Problem

Hi all,

I seem to be having a problem with the BOSCH ME7.8.1 in a Porsche Boxster.

The vehicle in hand could not have an original file pulled with NewGenius, so we decided to buy a stock map with the same HW/SW number.

Adjusting the file through WinOLS using a stage 1 tune did not load onto the NewGenius saying file sizes are different, so we tuned the file via Race2000.

The file flashed with no problems, but the car would not switch on. We tried to flash the Ori file with the same HW/SW numbers but we are getting a 3201 code.

We will be trying to flash the file via Boot Mood at the moment, but wanted to see if anyone has any insight into this.


Bader Norris

Just an update, I bought a stock file of Viezu to try and flash it back to stock via OBD2 which didn't work so in Boot Mode, but SW/HW numbers have changed?

Hardware numbers Original: 0261208300
Software numbers Original: 1037369620

Hardware numbers changed: 0261207987
Software numbers changed: 1037379149

Weird thing is Part Number has changed too?
Original: 99761860302
Changed: 99761860103
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