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Porsche Boxster VIN Change - IMMO


Can anyone change a VIN number back to original?

Flashed vehicle with stock file, but it wrote VIN number of another car on and now the car won't crank or switch on.

Hardware number: 0261208300 - 0261207987
Software number: 1037369620 - 1037379149
Hardaware date:
Software date:
Chassis: WP0CA29855U712647 - WP0ZZZ98Z6U704160
Software Version:
Part number: 99761860302 - 99761860103

Left numbers are what the car was stock, and numbers on the right are what were flashed in.

Problem is, file was read via I.D. mode with NewGenius so don't have original file.

File attached is the Ori file flashed onto the ECU.

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If possible can someone please delete the IMMO for me and I can send funds across if it works.
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i have fitted used units on a 2010 911(owner put the battery on reverse and fried most of the ecu,s) and realigned the units with my maxisys and worked fine
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