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Problem with Iprog+ Clone

Dear Guys!

How to solve this problem

I use Iprog + for Dasboard of Toyota Collora 2003

But I have encountered this problem. I cannot use it to change Odometer. Has anyone encountered the same problem as me? Can you give me a way to solve this problem?[Image: a037e8f66b8c8280c2214ad42bf3b4be.jpg][Image: 56ef13a4d3c6b80bb004be4c93d29565.jpg]

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Rubbish, waste of money, very little to use. The scripts are fake.
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Did you cleaned contacts on eeprom?
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Try again to plug the chip, the chip may have loose contact.
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Your computer is dirty, I can imagine what contacts on the chip
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PIN overload...

But regardless of that, iProg+ clone is piece of crap.
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