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I am at an absolute loss, today, Bob Passed away on the 22nd of July, we used to talk daily and he went quiet, just shrugged it off he was busy, found out he passed away at the age of 43, My heart breaks for his family, he was a good friend, and make me piss myself laughing when he would send random text, words cant explain how much I miss you buddy.
My condolences RIP
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RIP Bob. God Bless your family.
I am just a mechanic, I will help if I can to pay back this awesome site!
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It will remain alive in your memory and the memory of everyone who lived with them. Life inevitably has an end, but the beautiful memories remain to bear witness to all the beautiful moments that accompany the smile that has not and will not be erased.
I regret that we lost a colleague in the forum who left a good impression on many colleagues,Our heart is with his family and relatives, all his friends and colleagues,Loss is definitely cruel and loss is irreplaceable, but beautiful memories should be a barrier to this sadness,A good person does not die, but lives with us momentarily to be our helper in a time of weakness, to draw a smile in frowning, and most importantly From the death of the bodies, a spirit is born that floats around us, not leaving us, and it is memories and scenes that formed that beautiful scene that formed that impression.
For our colleague DIESELMAN77 eternity of soul and for his family patience and solace.
Jonny Rotten I appreciate your loyalty to your friend and your remembrance of him today is a clear indication of your kindness.
hope from all colleagues will have a purely human relationship, far from commercial competition and personal self-interest.
Everything in this world is without value because it stops and is scattered after our death, but the good effect and the impression that we instill on the souls of others remains as long as the good blind are alive and are great wealth.
Thanks and Reputation is Not Free.
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I never had the pleasure of talking to him, but on more then one occasion he had stepped up and helped me in the past when I was looking for help here on the forum.
He was a great member and will be missed
So sorry to here this sad news and prayers go out to his family.
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He cannot be a great person. when was ... what happened ... God be with the great man Sadsmile
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My condolences  Sadsmile
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My condolences
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My condolences......
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