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Never knew him, but if he talk to you each day and make you laugh he was a very special person indeed.

Above Joke is on his memory is always extremely difficult to hear a friend died but makes it harder when there are kids and familiy in the suffering of it. @ 43 years old half of his dreams are now locked in a box for eternity.

That’s to show how insignificant we are, and the value of this forum often if overruled by greed but majority always jumping in help each other.

I myself included. Very sorry and God help this family in such hard times we are living.

My blessings sincerely

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he was a incredible human being. being a young 43yo only makes his passing all that much worse Sad we are all as a community forever indebted to him. thanks for posting this johnny..........and my condolences for you brother
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My condolences.
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Rest in peace Amigo
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Rip bob a good friend and good persons Q.E.P.D
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My condolences..

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My condolences!

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43 way to soon
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